Players from Quadruple 2016

2015-2016 All-Conquering VEC Winning Squad

It’s a Quadruple!
Managers Kevin O’Hanlon & Dave Spring

It may have been Kevin’s first season involved with management, but it was Dave’s 15th consecutive season involved with the management of VEC 1sts. What an impressive partnership!

Anthony Dunne
Played in 32 games. The Captain of this extraordinary squad. Led by example directing play and most crucially, regularly cutting out many opponents’ attacks. Official m-o-t-m in Challenge Cup Final
Gavin Murphy
Started 34 of our 37 games. Only missed home game against AGP in November. Mr. consistent. He hardly ever put a foot wrong throughout the season
Aidan Hyland
Also started 34 of our 37 games.  Only missed cup game against Leixlip in April. In order to play for the League team, he magnanimously stepped aside for our cup game against Aston Village in January. Scored an extraordinary 33 goals
Seamus Staunton
Also started 34 of our 37 games. Only missed home game against Glasnaion in March. Also scored an amazing 17 goals from mid-field. A truly consistent season which won him player-of-the-year.
Raimonds Jaudzems
Played in 32 games. His pace and ‘rocket’ shots brought him an impressive 12 goals (plus a hat-trick for the 2nds) from mainly
the wing-back position – some very memorable.
Killian Finlay
Also played in 32 games. Improved immensely as the season progressed.  Mr. reliable in various positions.  Some immense performances
Pat Meghen
Played in 31 games. Missed a chunk of the early season but battled hard to win his place, starting in 22 games
Conall O’Shaughnessy
Also played in 31 games. What a rock at the heart of the defense in his first season! His experience was invaluable. Official m-o-t-m in Richard Knight Cup Final.
Richard Hannify
Played in 29 games. Out injured from beginning of March until 16th April – playing in 11 of the final 13 games.  Some great performances
Stephen Quin
Played in 28 games. Another Mr. reliabe. Saved his best performance for the crucial league victory away to Orchard Celtic.
Niall Flynn
Played in 26 games. Only joined us in January and only missed 3 of our final 25 games. Great addition to the squad.
Neal Breslin
Also played in 26 games. Missed the first 4 games of the season through injury and then a few during April but returned when needed in May with some towering performances.
Paul O’Sullivan
Also played in 26 games. A regular up to the cup final – but crucially returned from Galway for our win away to Orchard Celtic. 10 brilliant seasons for VEC FC.
Mick Kinsella
Played in 25 games.  Becoming a daddy didn’t prevent him from making a massive contribution in midfield in his first season for VEC.
Joey Byrne
Played in 21 games. Only managed 2 full games in an injury-filled season but nonetheless started in 15 games, scoring 12, plus 2 for the 2nds
Andy Myler
Played in 14 games. Started in 10 games, where his vast experience was so valuable. Also stepped in as goalkeeper in 3 games, conceding only 1 goal – against Orchard Cel.
Owen Martin
Played in 13 games.  A real stop-start season due to injuries along the way. His cameo against Chapelizod was striking.
Alan Keane
Reserve Goalkeeper. Played in 6 games.  This included the Richard Knight Cup Final. Never on a losing team. Very safe hands which gave confidence to the team when called on.
Brian Martin
Played in 8 games.  Unavailable for most of the season. His only full game was the memorable FAI Junior Cup game against Pike Rovers in Limerick