Viva VEC

“We go again”, said Kev in July, “to get our title back”,
“We’ll need a few new players”, said Joe, “if there’s any chance of that”.

“I’ll spread the word”, said Dave, “before people think we’re done”,
And with that we we’re ready to go, the start of all the fun.

We sent scouts far and wide, to add to our impressive squad,
“This year will be different”, said Kev with a typical nod.

We found a bloke from the U.S., whose season hit a wall,
And a lad who learned the tricks of his trade, in the hills of Donegal.

We brought back an old friend Shocko, arriving with a grin,
And of course gave a full promotion, to our gypsie Tommy Wrynne.

There was another key signing, of which Richie wasn’t too fond,
When Davey Frewen showed up in August, with his fabled magic wand.

We set the stall out early, nothing but a league win would do,
But FAI and Challenge Cup runs, were just as critical too.

Dave would bring the jaffas, the club cyclist Dani the ham,
And we’d have a new club captain – in midfield – stalwart Sham.

Social media was purring, Richie to thank for this,
Revolut was up and running, so lads couldn’t take the piss,

Andy took training on Thursdays, supported by Simon Roche,
And Davey took his clothes off, anytime we were on a coach.

Dani looked like Pele, and what a player is Jack,
Negotiations extended, to get our Anto back.

Jimmer provided humour, and no shortage of skill,
Ferry was a great addition, he’ll stay? We hope he will.

Joey got his knee fixed, and came back just on time,
To watch Tommy break his duck, after putting it on a dime.

Ray decided to recommit, much to Pat’s dismay,
But there’s little can go wrong out left, in a squad with Pat and Ray,

Shocko won a few headers, and “scored” against Castleisland,
And where would we have been, without the goals of Aidan Hyland.

Mick got a year younger, Rochey’s arse got bigger,
And Dave ordered a special jersey, to help with Andy’s figure,

Steve showed up on Thursdays, Kill gave cameraman a crack,
Utility midfielders O’Brien and Newe, were better at the back.

Frewen went mad against Coolock, Richie set his sights on the Shield,
Libos had a fella banned for a year, they needn’t have appealed…

Gav Murphy was Gav Murphy, six years an 8 out of 10,
Except that game against Village, we can’t forget his pen.

Bres made mincemeat of Libos, and received appropriate plaudits,
While Mick couldn’t escape the grasp, of Sam’s internal audits,

Petesy won most yellow cards, I can’t think of a reason,
And Aidan Hyland away in Coolock, is the obvious goal of the season.

We won away in Kerry, got a bit of last-16 intrigue,
We won the Challenge Cup again, but it was all about the league.

It was heading for a playoff, but Castle got in the way,
Anto passing the torch to Sham, for his trophy-lifting day 💪

It’s been a long hard season, and trophies don’t come for free,
But here we are, winners again, it’s viva VEC 💪

Kevin O’Hanlon July 2019