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Division / Cup
Saturday 24th November 2018
Oscar Traynor Cup
Carlow League -v- UCFL
in Hawkins Lane, Tullow
[Parkville Utd. pitch]

Brian O'Reilly
Morgan O'Reilly
Jim Wynne

2.00 pm
UCFL Division 2
Oldbury FC -v- VEC FC
in Sacred Heart, Killinarden

K. Nolan

11.00 am
FAI Junior Cup
5th Round
Castleisland AFC -v- VEC FC
[grass pitch]

SUNDAY 2nd December

2.00 pm
O'Neills Challenge Cup Last 32
VEC -v- Coolock Village No Idea  

Richard Knight Cup Last 8

Lakeview Swans 
Shelbourne AFC 
Aston Village 
South Williams Street
Castle Celtic v Drimagh Celtic
Coolock v Glasnaion
MMI Cup Quarter Final
VEC 2nds    

O'Neills Challenge Cup

Preliminary Round

1. Oldbury 2nds v Riverside
2. Palmerstown 2-7 Aston Village
3. Drimnagh Celtic 7-1 Drumcondra 2nds
4. Tallaght 5-1 Shelbourne SSC
5. Sth William St Cel v VEC 2nds
6. Ath. Malahide 4-2 Castle Cel. 2nds
7. Clontarf 2-0 AGP 2nds
8. York Rd. 1-0 Harding 2nds
9. Castle Cel. 9-2 Esker Cel.
10. Dunshaughlin v Exodus FC
11. Sandford St. Marys 4-1 Dynamo Ridge.
12. Ath. FMI v Frankfort
13. Beech Pk 2nds 2-3 Dunshaughlin 2nds
14. Portmarnock 2nds 6-3 MSS
15. Rivervalley 2-6 Rialto
16. Phoenix 4-12 Coolock 2nds
17. St. Maelruans 2-3 Rathmichael
18. Shelbourne AFC 4-4 (4-5) Portmarnock


O'Neills Challenge Cup

Last 32

1. Ath. FMI or Frankfort v Sandford St. Marys
2. Dunshaughlin or Exodus FC v Lakeview Swans
3. Glasnaion v Tallaght
4. Aston Village 4-2 Rathmichael
5. Coolock 2nds v Swords Manor
6. Rialto v Portmarnock
7. Castle Cel. v Oldbury
8. Liberties 3-2 (aet) Sth. William St. Cel.
9. Drumcondra v Oldbury 2nds or Riverside
10. Rathmines Roosters 1-2 Drimnagh Celtic
11. Beech Park 2-3 Ath. Malahide
12. AGP 3-1 York Rd.
13. Clontarf 0-2 Booterstown
14. VEC v Coolock Village
15. Harding v Strand Utd.
16. Portmarnock 2nds 6-2 Dunshaughlin 2nd


1st/2nd Dec.

FAI Junior Cup Fifth Round



FAI Junior Cup Sixth Round



FAI Junior Cup Quarter Finals



FAI Junior Cup Semi Finals



FAI Junior Cup Final


RESULTS for VEC 1sts [season 2018-2019]
UCFL Premier Div.
13th October.
VEC FC -v- South William St. Celtic
in ETB (VEC) Grounds Terenure

B. Coleman

Won 1-0
UCFL Premier Div.
Saturday 15th Sept.
Glasnaion FC -v- VEC FC
in 4 Johnstown Park

C. Keating
A.N. Other
A. N. Other

Won 1-0
UCFL Premier Div.
Saturday 8th Sept.
Beech Park FC -v- VEC FC
in St. Catherine's Park Lucan

T. Shannon
C, Keating
J. O'Hanlon

Drew 3-3
UCFL Premier Div.
Wed. 5th Sept.
VEC FC -v- Liberties FC
in ETB (VEC) Grounds Terenure

K. Nolan*
T. Shannon
J. J. Walsh

Lost 0-1
UCFL Premier Div.
Wed. 29th August
VEC FC -v- Castle Celtic
in ETB (VEC) Grounds Terenure

T. Shannon
A. Singleton
G. Smart

Won 2-1
FAI Junior Cup
4th Rd. 10th Nov.
VEC FC -v- Glebe North
in VEC Terenure

J. O'Hanlon

Won 2-0
FAI Junior Cup
3rd Rd. 20th Oct.
Balscadden FC -v- VEC FC
in Ringcommon Sports Centre (Balbriggan)

Suteu Alin

Won 3-1
FAI Junior Cup 2nd Round 29th Sept.
VEC FC -v- Pegasus St James
in VEC (ETB) Grounds Terenure

K. Nolan

Won 4-3
LFA Junior Cup
2nd Round 6th Oct.
Rosemount Mulvey FC -v- VEC FC
in Rosemount Dundrum

Eddie Reilly

Lost 1-2
LFA Junior Cup 1st Round 22nd Sept.
VEC FC -v- Sacred Heart Killinarden
in VEC (ETB) Grounds Terenure

J. O'Hanlon

Won 7-1
Richard Knight Cup Last 16
VEC FC -v- Liberties
in VEC Terenure

T. Shannon
L. Wells
B. Coleman

Won 3-2

RESULTS - VEC 2nds [season 2018-2019]
UCFL Division 2
17th November
VEC FC -v- Rathmines Roosters
in VEC Terenure

C. Keating

Lost 3-5
UCFL Division 2
3rd November
VEC 2nds -v- Strand Utd.
in VEC (ETB) Grounds Terenure
C. Keating Won 2-1
UCFL Division 2
27th October
Exodus FC -v- VEC 2nds
in Brickfields Park
P. Lang Won 5-0
UCFL Division 2
13th October
Portmarnock AFC 2nds -v- VEC FC 2nds
in Carrickhill

A. Spierin

Lost 0-2
UCFL Division 2
29th September
VEC FC 2nds -v- Exodus FC
in VEC (ETB) Grounds Terenure

K. Nolan

Won 2-0
UCFL Division 2
22nd September
VEC FC 2nds -v- Dunshaughlin Yths.
in VEC (ETB) Grounds Terenure

B. Gannon

Drew 2-2
UCFL Division 2
15th September
VEC FC 2nds -v- Atletico Malahide
in VEC (ETB) Grounds Terenure

J. J. Walsh

Drew 1-1
UCFL Division 2
Mon. 3rd September
Rathmines Roosters -v- VEC FC
in Walkinstown Park

T. Doherty


UCFL Division 2
1st September
Swords Manor -v- VEC FC
in Brackenstown Rd., Swords

J. Dalton

Won 2-0
UCFL Division 2
Mon. 27th August
Sandford / St. Mary's -v- VEC FC
in 14 Tymon Park

A. Wardick

Drew 3-3
MMI Cup last 16
VEC 2nds -v- Riverside Utd.
in VEC Terenure
B. Coughlan Won 6-3
O'Neills Challenge Cup Prelim. Rd.
Sth. William St. Cel. -v- VEC 2nds
in Ringsend Park
A. Singleton Lost 0-6

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